While Dave and Allison were actively organizing and during the process of publishing Dave's work, we've encountered numerous allies.  There are thousands of groups and organizations filled with millions of concerned, compassionate people who are tirelessly struggling to educate folks about what's REALLY going on (and why) and organizing to take practical, positive, proactive and effective steps to replace our Handbasket to Hell with a better future for everyone.

There is no way we could include everyone here but hope that these links and references may begin your journey toward more information along with positive responses and solutions.

Choosing Earth

Among our current favorite allies is Choosing Earth.  Our new friends Coleen and Duane Elgin and their team have not only written and published the definitive book describing our (best case) possible future but have also made the movie!  Their inspiring documentary reflects and embodies the spirit of Dave's book.  They're both available at the Choosing Earth website and are highly recommended by our Connecting the Dots Collective.

The Book: Choosing Earth

The Movie: Facing Adversity: Choosing Earth, Choosing Life

And we can't over stress the amazing treasure trove on their Resources page!