Coalitions of Mutual Endeavor
Building critical mass
for critical change

COME on in!

We've heard the clamoring for effective coalition building at every level—from national organizations to local activists and community organizers—and we've responded!


From living rooms to boardrooms, intelligent and aware citizens are joining their passionate voices to form the critical mass needed to replace our current destructive cultural paradigm with a powerful life-affirming—sustainable!—reality.
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Photo credit: Robyn Mallgren

So COME together!


COME is a systemic, practical response that is sorely missing in what passes for a national conversation today. Based on decades of research, activism and hands-on experience, it was created to provide a foundation, framework, processes, and non-hierarchical communication tools to enable those waking up from the status quo’s “consensus trance” to develop effective coalitions for collaborative action that are capable of building the critical mass necessary to catalyze life-affirming change. This is our response to rapidly changing times brought on by a collapsing status quo—a response that is helping communities develop resiliency, improve quality of life, reclaim their democracy, and lay the foundation for a sustainable future.


Explore our pages to discover the basic components of COME coalitions, how you can learn more, what people are saying about us, how being a member of COME supports your individual or organization’s particular endeavor—from saving species to halting fracking to getting a candidate elected to economic reform—and what you can do to help attain the critical mass needed for the critical change we all want and our planet needs.


Remember, democracy is not a spectator sport, and its proper functioning requires an informed and engaged citizenry… as does a living planet… as does a complete sense of well-being.