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"I awake each morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savour the world. This makes it hard to plan my day."
E.B. White

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Workshops and Seminars

Stepping Onto Paths of Passion

   Join with other women in a relaxed, supportive space for self-discovery, personal empowerment, and emotional healing. Learn how to simplify your life, gain the courage to make desired changes, and be supported by feminine wisdom in yourself, others, and Mother Earth. More information and dates for 2005/2006.

Sustainable Lifestyles as a Healing Path… for Ourselves, Our Community, and our Planet

   This three workshop series explores the close relationship between our experience of connectedness with the life around us and our cultivation of a more balanced and healthful lifestyle. Learn empowering tools for living more sustainably with less stress and more joy. More information and dates for 2005/2006.

The Basics of the Natural Systems Thinking Process

   This two day workshop introduces the Natural Systems Thinking Process and Webstring Science, with a mix that is light on lecture and heavy on Nature reconnecting activities. A prerequisite for most of the advanced workshops in lieu of the Project NatureConnect orientation course.

Rational Spirituality: Self-evidence of the Web of Life

   A two activity mini-course, this half-day seminar presents the scientific basis for spirituality and human belonging in the natural universe. Based on complex adaptive systems, co-creative evolution, and the NSTP. Learn how and why the Universe is friendly to life and its evolution.

Introduction to the Natural Systems Thinking Process (motivating sustainable behaviors)

   Become familiar with using sensory, global consciousness as a tool for motivating sustainable behaviors in society-the Science of Nature Connected Psychology. Biologically, psychologically, and spiritually, people are part of Nature, the intelligent, ever-balancing, ancient web of life that communicates within itself and creates through non-verbal attraction relationships. Help others learn the language of Nature and so they, too, can become constructive contributors to the web of life. Available in either a half or whole day format.

The Natural Consensus workshop

   Depending on a groups background in the consensus process, or a previous familiarity with the NSTP, this workshop can range from a half day to two days. Natural Consensus is the next step beyond the formal consensus process, and provides a powerful group decision making process that gives Nature a voice. Natural Consensus allows you to reach group decisions that mirror the integrated harmony of the Universe.

A Workshop on Relationships

   Because peace on earth requires peace with earth, learn how to build healthy relationships... within yourself, with others, and with the environment. After all, it all boils down to relationships -- from the bedroom to the Universe.

Special Interest Workshops and Presentations

   Attraction Retreat offers workshops that have been developed to meet the specific interests and needs of several groups: educators, counselors, activist groups, healers, and business organizations. One to two hour presentations are also available for conferences, symposiums, and meetings. Please contact us at Attraction Retreat for information, availability and pricing.


"Except during the nine months before he draws his first breath, no man manages his affairs as well as a tree does."
George Bernard Shaw


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