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"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."
Frank Lloyd Wright

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Possible Spirituality Ad Ideas

Copyright 2002, Dave Ewoldt

   While reading through Seattle's new age/spirituality monthly, The New Times, (a magazine I really do like) I started thinking about how to word an ad for that audience. Here are some of the phrases I'd want to include in ad copy:

  • Find natural fulfillment, increase mental wellness, receive the necessary support to live your passion in right livelihood.
  • Regain your rightfull share of Nature's Love and Wisdom.
  • Discover peace, joy, and spiritual growth in living a sustainable life through building responsible relationships in balance with Nature.
  • Reconnect your soul to its home in the soul of the Earth.
  • Find the spirit inherent in your ecological self.
  • Build and strengthen responsible attraction relationships within yourself, to others, and with the Earth.

   But while reading all the other ads from spiritual healers from every discipline you can think of, and probably from a few that you can't, I had a reaction of some sort that caused me to think that the best way to word an ad for the Natural Systems Thinking Process would be along the following lines:

  • No Shamanism, no hypnotism, no ritual dance
  • We're not going to tune your energies to a higher dimension (or to a Christian Rock FM station.)
  • We'll concentrate on helping you get this life in order, without sticking pins in you, channeling ancient spirits, searching for your animal muse, burning your enemies in effigy, or forcing you to take drum or dance lessons.
  • No card readings, star charting, crystal gazing, having to clean up the wax drippings from dozens of candles, or having to air out your house from aromatherapy gone sour
  • And... you won't have to contort and force your body into the lotus position for twenty minutes twice a day.
  • No spirit guides, power animals, angels, or their psychoactive pharmaceutical equivalents
  • No chanting, praying, primal screaming, talking in tongues, or ringing people's doorbells
  • We promise you won't run into anything any more mystical than your own backyard... Spiritual Healing for the rest of Us.
  • All you have to do is honestly experience and respectfully appreciate Nature's beauty, intelligence and balance through direct sensory contact. And then remember that these same qualities already exist within your own inner nature.

"One does not need to have faith in myth, mystery and authority. One does need a faith, an affirmation that the Universe is friendly to life and its evolution."
Bill Hanson


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