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The natural systems framework for a life-affirming paradigm shift shows that there’s no need for the constraints of a limited vision. The status quo is not immutable. Hierarchies are not hard-wired. We are not limited to politically feasible scenarios. We need not wait for intergovernmental non-binding agreements to hold a conference to discuss whether or not we should do something someday about curtailing shitting in our sandbox. Nor are we limited to being forced to believe that Green Capitalism will save the day once carbon taxes fund cheap clean energy and the market works its magic.

We know why that doesn’t and won’t work. We know what we can do differently. And through the basic framework of reconnecting and relocalizing, we have what we need to become fully human on a living planet and build the critical mass to put the transition to a sustainable future into high gear.

So let’s get started with clear and level heads firmly connected to spirit, see where it leads, and determine what adjustments may need to be made. I find it hard to fathom that we could do any worse than where we’re headed on our current path. As I said earlier, our chance of success increases because we can have the life-giving creative energy of the universe working with us to connect the dots and create our sustainable future.

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Dave Ewoldt

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